You want to learn more about France, its History, its Arts, its Culture, its Traditions... Alliance Francaise of Greater Orlando offers you an opportunity to do so from the comfort and the security of your home with its new online Zoom conferences.

Prepare yourself for an amazing journey through centuries, visiting French cities, regions, gardens, menageries, world fairs... Learn about the genesis of modern techniques, avionic, automobile... Follow the paths of great scientists, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie... Share the daily life of kings in Versailles, enjoy the cuisine they used to savor, and the beauty of the French art of the table...  Use all of your senses, admire the art of painters, the skill of sculptors like Bartholdi, discover the history of perfumes... Enter the intimacy of French national figures: Joanne of Arc, Marie-Antoinette... Take part of the lavish existence of our kings' favorites...

We have so many enthralling stories to share with you.

After having visited Val de Loire and its castles, our two next seasons will take you on a tour of the Dordogne Périgord region. From the Sixtine Chapel of the prehistoric art to fortified cities of the 100 years war, from the Dordogne and Vézère rivers to the 1001 castles of Périgord, from growing truffles and tobacco to local legends and fairy tales, from vineyards to abbeys, from foie gras to gardens of savory, you will discover one of the most amazing regions of France...

Each conference lasts one hour.

The program takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, Fridays in English, Saturdays in French.

The program takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, Fridays in English, Saturdays in French.

The cost for a session of 5 conferences is $ 50. But you can in fact decide to take advantage of the bilingualism of our program to improve your French, or your English; and register, for the same price, to the full session of 10 conferences.

If you prefer to select specific conferences, the pricing is then $ 15 per conference, with still the option of attending the same conference in English and in French, with no increase of the price.

Seasons 8 and 9

May, June, and July conferences

Conférences de Mai, Juin et Juillet

Season 7

April and May conferences

Conférences d'Avril et de Mai

Season 6

March and April conferences

Conférences de Mars et d'Avril

Season 5

February and March conferences

Conférences de Février et de Mars

Season 4

December and January conferences

Conferences de Décembre et de Janvier

Season 3

November and December conferences

Conférences de Novembre et de Décembre

Season 2

October and first week of November conferences

Conférences d'Octobre et de début Novembre

Season 1

Discover here the program in English of our first 5 conferences.

Découvrez le programme en français.