Welcome to "Parlez-vous... Cuisine?"


Dou you understand …French Cuisine?
Take our course and you will!

Perhaps you are a professional in the culinary industry, maybe you enjoy cooking at home and desire to enhance your talents or like many, you find yourself somewhere in between. In this course you will learn to communicate in French with a special focus on food, beverage and the culture surrounding it!
  • You want to learn French around your favorite subject
  • You are a student in the restaurant business
  • You plan a professional stay in a French restaurant
  • You want to become a chef and need to know about French Cuisine
  • You work in a restaurant and are in contact with French speaking guests
  • You love cooking and want to know more about the secrets of French Cuisine while studying the language of the culinary art

The courses at AFGO are designed to ensure that you can not only reach your linguistic goals but exceed them. Our teachers are native speakers of the language and bring with them generations of talking the talk of Cuisine.

Some of the benefits that our students gain are:

  • The ability to read, write and verbally communicate in French and understand the culture which created the Cuisine.
  • Personal growth as a chef, an apprentice or an assistant aspiring to achieve a higher level.
  • Speak the language of a wine steward.
  • Approach a job interview with confidence
  • Read a menu and order in French.
  • Translate a recipe.
  • Expand your knowledge.

If you love cooking and the Culinary Arts, you will experience personal growth by learning the language used when the best of them were created.

We welcome you to join our classes,
Bon Appétit!


We offer this Course for beginners of the language and more advanced students in two distinct courses as indicated further. Classes are held in private tutorials, semi-private lessons, or small groups of 3 to 6 people.  We welcome groups affiliated with the Hospitality Industry, families, and other groups with a minimum of 3 students.

Upon graduation, each student will receive a certificate certifying that they have completed the program offered by The Alliance Francaise of Greater Orlando.

Two options

Beginners - You have never studied French before and are an absolute beginner: 4 sessions of 20 hours each. During the 40 first hours you will learn the basis of French language and then be introduced to the specific and rich area of French Cuisine.

The course will be based on two books: "French made simple" and "En Cuisine!".

Advanced Beginners - You already master the basis of French and have reached at least level A1 of the CEF (a placement test at the beginning of the session will assess your level): 2 sessions of 20 hours each to initiate you to the French Cuisine delicious world.

The course will be based on one book: "En Cuisine!".

Classes are held at The Alliance Francaise of Greater Orlando. We are at:

1516 East Colonial Drive, Suite 120, Orlando, FL 32803.
Parking and entrance are both located at the rear of the building accessible from  Hillcrest Street.
Tel: 407-895-1300

Group Classes are to begin on :

  • Beginners - Friday March 11th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This class will be held once a week, every Friday at the same time.
  • Advanced Beginners - Friday March 11th from 8:15 pm to 10:15 pm. This class will be held once a week, every Friday at the same time.

Private and Semi-Private classes will be scheduled according to availability.




To join one of our classes and start an amazing journey, contact us


All our students enjoy similar benefits as AFGO Association Members and are encouraged to participate in our cultural activities (picnics movie nights, crêpe party, celebrations, etc.).  In addition, our students may borrow French classical and modern literature books from our Library!