You will find here a selection of the most recent productions of our students: poems, narrations, short stories, etc. all written in French.

November Cadavre Exquis

Halloween Story




            It was a dark and stormy night.

That's it.

The car slowed down, and Alice jumped out. She rolled into the ditch. Then the car stormed away. What a relief!
Her phone had no signal! The rain got stronger. The wind blew, and she was very cold.
What to do? Should she start walking or wait here?
All of a sudden, she heard another car.

David L.
Then Alice heaved a sigh of relief as she realized that the car sound was only an auditory hallucination brought on by eating too much lasagna.

Then she digested the lasagna with Perrier with lime. She felt hungry again and indulged in a very expensive pate de foie gras, after which she had the worst nightmare of her life.
Can you describe what it was?

Poor Alice was falling through a tunnel as she was progressively getting smaller. Finally she fell to the ground with a loud thud! After she gathered herself, she started looking around.

As Alice looked round the cavern, she saw that it glittered despite the fact that it was dark. She walked towards the glitter, and she touched it. It felt like . . .

David F.
Alice's heart stopped as her phone rang. Was it a stalker? She answered, trembling, and heard the voice of a telemarketer.

She heard some stomping and knew they were at the bottom of the stairs. Clomp, clomp, they made their way to the top of the landing. She knew they were coming for her and her family. Alice's heart was in her throat when they burst through the door, tearing the room apart. They cowered in the corner of the dining room.

A pack of wild hound dogs began barking and howling as they circled around her. She reached in her bag and pulled out . . .

Bryan and Johann
. . . a lollipop, and the dogs began to run away in fear. Little did she know that standing behind her was . . .

. . . a great, big, white candle called Lumiere who would eat pumpkins and have tea parties with the Mad Hatter, who would . . .

. . . throw sparks at the hound dogs. The dogs yelped and lunged at poor, little Alice. She then regurgitated the lasagna to lure the dogs away from her. This was a disgusting but effective maneuver. She put Lumiere back in her bag and ran upstairs to safety, only to find . . .

Paula and Antonio
. . . the hound dogs already there. How they did that . . . well, they were spirits, so they could go through the walls. Now Alice was doomed to . . .

Alice came awake with a start on the tacky floor of the bowling alley.
"Well," Alice said to the air as she sat up, "I'm never licking that kind of toad again."