Learning French, the best way to improve your future


  • If you previously took French Classes in school, either public or private, and don't want to forget all that you have learned,
  • If you are currently experiencing or are anticipating challenges in a required French class,
  • If you are from a French-speaking family and want to perfect or fine-tune your French skills,
  • If you want to increase your chances of getting the best grade possible on your SAT/ IB/ AP/ CLEP French exam,
Come and join us for French classes or tutoring, taught by our native French speaking teachers.  You will be able to meet and exceed your objectives by  following our lessons!

First, our teachers will assess your goals and evaluate your current level through simple testing in order to place you in the proper class or to create your personalized lessons.

Using French or bilingual manuals, specific learning tools especially conceived by our French native teachers and many other materials (books, newspapers, movies, CD's, computer based resources, music ...), we provide the education that will ensure that you can attain your goals. 

Classes take place on Wednesdays or Saturdays, but we also have classes on alternative days. Our sessions are offered all year long, according to the number of registered students.

Teens' classes at the AFGO School are arranged in private or semi-private (2 students), as well as classes ranging from 3 to 5 students for optimal instruction.

Scheduling for private or semi-private classes is arranged between the assigned teacher and the student.

Books and materials designed for adolescents; lessons focusing on their areas of interest; interactive methods; development of conversation practice; clear, easy to grasp and to memorize grammar points; introduction to the French culture, and the French specificities, are some of the strengths of the AFGO classes.

Private and semi-private. Tailor-made lessons created for each student to meet his or her personal needs and to guide him or her on the path of success, following the guidelines and requirements of the official programs and exams.

The AFGO teachers adapt their approach to the books and methods chosen by the students' High School which helps them to grasp what will be expected of them at the exam. They strengthen their mastery of the French language vocabulary, grammar, written and oral skills. They enhance their abilities by providing them with additional tools: books, CD's, computer based resources, press articles, and many others. They facilitate participation in activities, written, oral, and auditory, consistent with the Program of Studies and the exam  requirements.

In IB lessons for example:  writing compositions and textual analyses, as well as doing interactive reading exercises and oral presentations. The teachers focus intensely on extensive vocabulary expansion work. In addition to what is listed above, students will be required to write 250 word essays on assigned topics. 

IB and AP lessons are mostly taught in French to promote both fluency and accuracy in the use of language.

To join one of our classes and start an amazing journey, contact us


All our students enjoy similar benefits as AFGO Association Members and are encouraged to participate in our cultural activities (picnics, movie nights, crêpe party, celebrations, etc). They are also welcome to borrow French classical and modern literature books from our library!