Travel Pictures The Alliance Française of Greater Orlando (AFGO) is more than just a place to learn the French language, attend cultural events and spend time with like-minded people. It is an opportunity to truly gain an appreciation of French culture. AFGO proudly provides once-in-a-lifetime trips to France to give their members and students the chance to experience the finest the country has to offer.

AFGO has organized several cultural immersion trips to France that many AFGO members and students have participated in. These comprehensive trips are catered to groups of between 10 and 15 people who desire a level of independence when traveling. AFGO trips are not typical tour packages with a set itinerary, but rather are designed to provide access to the cultural aspects of the local region, with home-cooked meals provided and personal counsel available for the exciting activities that France has to offer.

Trip to Mont Saint MichelThese customizable trips offer even the most experienced of travelers the delights of the country exactly the way they want to experience it. Travelers can expect to have the sights and sounds of Paris and other major French cities, as well as the quaint country experience in regions such as Provence, Dordogne, Brittany and Normandy.


No trips are planned at this time.

Given the economic environment a decision has not been taken yet regarding a future trip to France.

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